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Daniel L.

This review will be somewhat lengthy, but if you are thinking of possibly hiring Pam Tyson as your real estate agent or are in the process of comparing her against other agents, you may find this review helpful. I wanted to sell my home. I knew some real estate agents, but none that I wanted to work with, so I contacted a real estate agent referral service. The service sent me the names of 5 different agents located throughout the Bay Area, including Pam. All of the agents had good/excellent reviews online, and I interviewed all 5 agents by telephone that the referral service sent me. The first thing that immediately differentiated Pam from the others was her voice. Fantastic telephone voice- the type that is warm and friendly, but still professional. A suitable real estate agent needs more than a good telephone voice, but agents spend a lot of time working on the telephone, so it was a very nice start. Next, Pam impressed me with her preparation and knowledge of real estate. She came ready to talk about the market, my home, different strategies to sell, potential pricing, etc. While all of the agents were knowledgeable in real estate, Pam stood out for her deep experience. Real estate is anything but predictable, so it gave me comfort knowing that Pam has been through or seen almost every crazy situation that can happen in the purchase and sale of homes. I was confident that her knowledge and experience in real estate was as good, if not better than all of the agents I spoke with. And finally, Pam sold me with her passion for real estate. From the first minute you speak with her, you can tell that she has a passion for it, and now that I have gotten to know her, I can see that she truly and genuinely just loves real estate. And the thing that she loves most about real estate is meeting and getting to know people. She is a people person, and her personality thrives in the real estate world. Because I was intending to sell my home, and also buy a new home, all of the agents, including Pam, offered me various financial incentives to represent me in both my sale and purchase. Despite offering me the least amount of all 5 agents, I decided to go with Pam. My thinking was that a financial incentive is only as good as the agent that is offering it, and it was worth it to me to give up some money to work with someone who had more experience than the others and who I felt more confident about. From the start, it was great to work with Pam because she explained the whole process- beginning to end, gave me an anticipated timeline of events, and made herself available as needed while I prepared my home for sale. I liked having an understanding of the big picture, and the various steps necessary to get there. As a result, during the selling process, I did not have any surprises other than a few minor changes to the dates of some events to accommodate people’s schedules. Eventually, everything that needed to be done for my home in preparation for the sale including repairs, photos, staging, etc, was completed, and we put my home on the market. We had a strong interest quickly, and Pam personally met and gave tours of the house to most of the prospective buyers, including the ultimate buyers of my home. We ended up getting multiple offers, and in less than a week, we were under contract for the sale of my home. Something that Pam does, whether she represents a buyer or a seller, is that as soon as her client is under contract, she sends out an email to the other agent, mortgage broker, and title company with a timeline of all of the anticipated deadlines and events that need to happen to close escrow and complete the purchase of the home. Timing and complying with deadlines are crucial in real estate transactions to get your loan funded on time and close escrow smoothly. I appreciate that Pam sends out these emails, whether she represents the buyer or the seller because it gets everyone involved in the transaction immediately on the same page in terms of dates, deadlines, and the timing of everything. Keeping everyone on the same page is key to getting your home transaction completed without additional time, expense, and stress. We closed escrow on time, and we were now excited to move on to the purchase of our new home! I am a very involved buyer, literally researching real estate websites several times a day, and as such, we did not need Pam to find any homes for us, I was able to create a list of potential homes by myself. However, we did need Pam to show us these homes, which could have been challenging because our home search was outside of the Bay Area. However, as much as her schedule would allow, Pam showed us several homes. And to the extent she was not available to show us a home, she was very good about contacting the Listing Agent and arranging to have the Listing Agent show us the home. Despite many of the homes being outside of the Bay Area, we were able to see all of the homes that we wanted to see. Two things occurred during our buying process that especially impressed me about Pam and showed me who she truly was as a person. During the buying process, for various reasons related to discoveries made during the home inspections, we ended up getting into and out of contract on two different homes before we finally found the right home for us. Despite having to go through the whole process with us a total of three times, Pam never made us feel bad about anything. She was incredibly patient with us, and in fact, was fully supportive of us walking away from the other two homes because she could tell that those homes were not the right ones for us. At no point did she ever give us any pressure to stay with any of the homes. All she wants is for her clients to be happy, whatever that entails, even if it means no purchase at all. I am truly appreciative to her for this because it is what allowed us to finally find the home of our dreams. In addition, I clearly remember when we initially wanted to see our home, Pam was not available at that time to show it to us, so she contacted the Listing Agent to see if he could show it to us. There was some urgency to see the home as quickly as possible because the home already had multiple offers on it, though the Sellers had not made their decision yet. The Listing Agent was willing to show us the home, but he told Pam that he would want to also represent us in the transaction so that he could get the full commission on the purchase/sale. Without hesitation, Pam contacted me and let me know that she was totally fine if I wanted to have the Listing Agent represent us. She knew that we wanted to see this home, and it was more important to her that we see this home and not miss this opportunity, than the commission she would lose. Though we wanted to see the home, we did not want to leave Pam and have the Listing Agent represent us. Ultimately, arrangements were able to be made for us to see the home without leaving Pam, so everything worked out fine. However, I will never forget the sacrifice Pam was willing to make at that moment when we almost could not see the home. It showed me what her priorities are. Of course, the commission is important, that is the point of the job for all agents including Pam. But beyond that, I could see that Pam’s passion for real estate and her unwavering desire to see her clients happy, surpassed everything, even the commission. Hopefully, this gives you some idea of who Pam is as a Realtor® and as a person. If any of it sounds appealing, I suggest giving Pam a call. It will not take much time, and you will likely be glad you did. There are a lot of good agents out there, but I feel very confident saying that Pam shines brightly among them.


Pam was recommended to us by a friend a few years ago, but it feels like we've known her forever! And actually, we looked for our house forever. Pam was patient and never gave upon us. We changed our minds regarding the city, price range, and type of house! She was with us every step of the way - with words of wisdom, contacts in every area imaginable, great ideas, and support. We never felt rushed or pressured and she was always honest and creative about our options and the process. She's just the most wonderful person to be around! Looking for a house can be such an emotional process and Pam remained so optimistic through it all. Providing us with constant positivity, she kept our motivation strong until we found our dream home. It felt so amazing to meet her at our new home while our sale was pending and then completed. It wouldn't have felt nearly the same without her there with us. Even our baby loves her dearly and, "Pam" is included in his vocabulary of about 15 words. She brought excitement to the very first house we looked together, and we came to strongly trust her judgment as she found us fabulous options. You would be so lucky to work with her!

Jen J.

I cannot begin to describe how much my husband and I came to love Pam as we worked with her to buy our first home. When I was becoming quite overwhelmed, stressed, and hopeless to find a decent starter home in this crazy market, we bumped into Pam at an open house that Pam had listed. After talking with her for a while, we felt very strongly that we wanted her to be our agent. And since then, the whole experience of searching for a home became fun and exciting! She is diligent, knowledgeable, patient, and very responsive. But Pam is not only super-competent as a real estate agent, but she is just simply a kind-hearted person who would calmly and patiently listen to you and give you the information you need, who you can trust and feel comfortable with throughout the whole journey of home searching. I am so grateful that she made my first home buying experience so easy and enjoyable. We would want to work with her in the future and recommend her to anyone!


Pam is the type of real estate agent that gets in your corner and works hard to get the deal done. She comes up with creative alternatives to help buyers structure winning offers. She advises her clients to pass when the deal is potentially not structured favorably for them - this is huge - she works for your benefit and not just hers. We've worked with Pam on transactions in Mountain View, Redwood City, and Woodside. She has great knowledge of local markets including current cost ranges and rents. Despite the fact she is very busy with multiple client demands, she calls/emails as soon as possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pam Tyson if you're looking to buy or sell on the Peninsula.


Pam Tyson knows her stuff! She has helped our family with a variety of real estate transactions- most recently the sale of my mom's house in San Francisco. A very unique situation because my mom passed away in the middle of the process- literally we were at the ER when Pam texted me that the counteroffer had been accepted, my mom passed away the next day- I think in large part because her affairs had been settled, so to speak. Pam goes the extra mile for her clients, she is thorough, she is compassionate, she is fair. You can't go wrong with having Pam on your side for any Real Estate transaction!


We started working with Pam Tyson a couple of years ago. After transferring from Nutley New Jersey to Genentech, I decided I wanted to live on the peninsula. Pam Tyson was recommended to me by a friend. We instantly hit it off. She was so easy to work with and her knowledge of the peninsula was very helpful. We never felt any pressure from Pam. She works with a wonderful informative team. Pam Tyson is one of the most honest people I ever met. It was such a nice experience and so much fun working with pam. would recommend her to everyone.

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As every client is unique, Pam listens carefully to understand their real estate goals and works hard to create solutions that make sense for them and their family, whether they are an experienced investor or a first-time home buyer.
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